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Multi Colored Lipstick

QuoShay Babe

Become a Brand Ambassador

If you love our products, are always informing people about them and love taking pictures, then our Brand Ambassador Program is perfect for you! We are currently searching for people that absolutely love QuoShay Shades and will independently promote our brand across all social media channels, with high quality videos/photos. (Phone content is fine.)

Sequoia 9.jpg

The Perks

As a QuoShay Babe you will receive 25% off all items from QuoShay Shades and 10% commission for sales using your share code. 

The commission will be sent to you via store credit.

Sequoia 3.jpg

The Duties

•Tag us in 1-2 photos/videos per item purchased on all your social media accounts.

•Must follow QuoShay Shades on all social media platforms and engage.

Let’s Work Together

Fill out the form below to apply to be a QuoShay Babe!

Thanks for submitting!

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